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13mm Vitrail Light - Its  Show Thyme

13mm Vitrail Light

Its Show Thyme

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it's Show Thyme 
Bling For the Ring
No more poking holes in your expensive show clothes.
Our magnetic number  pins are super strong holding your number in place on almost any coat or top.  Many of our items are made with genuine Crystals. We only use Neodymium Magnets
Our  number Pins are hand made in the USA and include free first class shipping.  
Magnetic Number Pins have been uses in a variety of competitions such as but not limited to Beauty Pageants, Dance Competitions, Horse Shows, Dog Shows, marathons, Etc ...
Set of 4 Number Pins
Cast in bright silver metal with several clear crystals surrounding one large 
Vitrail Light crystal. 
approx: 13mm 
All items are from a smoke free home. Please email me with any questions you might have. If you receive a broken or damaged item please contact me I will repair or replace it. All Number Pins come with a lifetime warranty.
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-- Thank You --
Handle Magnets With Care
The magnets are STRONG and should be used carefully. Slide one magnet set apart at a time. Grab from the magnet, not the jewel. Slowly and carefully attach the magnets to your number & show attire.
Avoid holding all the magnets at the same time. They are strong and will snap together. This could damage them.
Be careful if you sit in a chair while wearing the magnets, they could shift or stick to metal.
WARNING: These magnets should not be used around anyone with a heart pacemaker. Keep magnets away from electronic devices, cell phones, computers, and credit cards to avoid data and magnetic cards being wiped. The magnets are strong and can pinch. Store them carefully.